Your contributions will fund these four projects:

Why Adopt our Heroes ?

  • For most Americans, Memorial Day is hardly more than a day off for the first weekend of summer
  • Attendance at National Cemeteries across the US is embarrassingly low
  • Children are not effectively being taught the importance of Memorial Day nor the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day
  • Veteran’s Day is hardly observed or celebrated
  • Counterpoint - Margraten, Netherlands


Annual fundraising event that will allow people to “Adopt” a grave at a National Cemetery for $25

The adoptions will be recognized with a ceremonial floral wreath presented at each participating National Cemetery on Memorial Day on behalf of the donors

Portion of each adoption will be donated to designated, participating National Cemeteries

Remaining proceeds will be used to fund all Adopt History projects

2019 will launch with all 130+ National Cemeteries with close to 4.5M graves